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I feel that in the “Statement from Alabama Clergymen” the main subject is to end demonstrations by African-American citizens in Birmingham, Alabama and bring peace to the metropolitan area. This document by the clergymen indicates that while citizens are working on various issues that create friction between races, new demonstrations have started from the African-American citizens.  To the clergymen, this series of demonstrations have come at an unnecessary time, and instead feel that the process to reach negotiations would be better realized if it was dealt with in a more responsible unified way with the other citizens of the metropolitan area. For this reason the clergymen are hoping to establish a common ground of sustaining peace within Birmingham. They even go as far as to commend the community and its law enforcement for the peaceful way they address these demonstrations and ask those involved in these events to withdraw as situations like this are better fulfilled in a court setting, not in a public setting. This document from the Alabama Clergymen I find is very convincing and true to its intent to bring unity and peace among blacks and whites as, if I was a citizen of Birmingham, I would be one to find uniting the town and each owns personal experience and view of the situation a great value and asset to finding a reasonable and fair negotiation that satisfies all the citizens of the metropolis.

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